Sick With It Tattoos

Formally Gold Draogn Ink

                                         Sick With It Tattoos was opened up by Bird, as                                  Gold dragon Ink, in December 2010. As Co-Owner of                             Indianapolis Ink, Bird thought it was time to                                              venture off on his own and start his own business. He                                  had no idea that it would become so big, so fast. 


                                       Within just five years, Gold Dragon Ink was                                        traveling the country, tattooing on people from all                                      over the world. Now Nationally Acclaimed and                                          World Renowned, Bird thought it was time for an even bigger change. He decided to merge all of his businesses under the one name, Sick With It Studios, and tag each with their own DBA. Hense is how Gold Dragon Ink become known as Sick With It Tattoos. 



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